Elevate your business by streamlining your client process + daily task and gain your time back to enjoy your business + family.

Grow your business with Freedom without losing Rest and Your Peace of Mind.

Did you know?

Your client process should be on autopilot. No more manually sending out contracts, proposals, invoices to your clients.

You've been wasting too much time not having a CRM system in place to serve your clients.

You’re using spreadsheets to manually onboard your clients and it isn’t given! You could save 5 hours weekly by having your client process automated. 

Get rid of this...

  • Spending so much of your time manually sending out emails, contracts, proposal and invoices.


  • Feeling anxious due to being unsure if you completed a task and putting together your process on the spot for every client


  • Having to take time away from your expertise in your business 

More of this...

  • Being confident that your entire backend is automated 


  • Your own signature client process has an effective step by step client journey that’s only designed for your clients


  • Having time to spend with your family + WOW your clients with the experience they deserve

Elevating your Clients Experience with The Elevate Your Systems Framework


During this phase we will take a deep dive into your current process. This will provide me with a better understanding of your business goals and needs. At this time we will identify missing pieces in your  clients journey to implement and strategize in order to build a consistent client process for you.


Now, that you have completed your pre-work and we had your audit and 90 min Zoom call. I will take  the two and explore to  eliminate any gaps,


Let’s me build out your workflows,  automations  and client experience using the strategy we discussed in Phase 1.  You will walk away will your signature Clients Journey for you 2 Signature Offers that will retain your clients authentically. 


Let’ make sure your clients have experienced the top- tier experience so your referrals will be coming in like clockwork,


Now, it’s time to Wow your clients with your signature Client Experience. You are now ready to focus on being the CEO woman you are. I will provide 20 days of support with your systems. You will be confident in your Client Experience. 

You have an amazing offer, but unsure how to attract your audience to your Sales Page?

As a Coach and Service Provider you’ve spent so much time planning out your offer and now ready to introduce it to your community. Yes, there is a strategic way to do this and it’s through a sales funnel.

You’ve grown your email list and built trust with your audience. So, now let’s convert those leads into your coaching program by using a funnel. This will continue to connect with them through hitting their pain points and knowing that you have the solution to solve their problem.  We create a conversion sequence to speak to them. 


If you’re a DIYer, but need a little help and guidance from a professional website builder, my website templates will get you on the right track. We all know that certain platforms already have template, but those are so generic and not aesthetically designed.  My templates are designed for busy female biz-owners. 

* If you purchase a website template you agree to DIY your website, there’s a step-by-step video that will guide you through. If you are needing assistance join the waiting list for Website Done with you. *This a 2 week cohort that works with me and a small group to complete your website. Templates are built in WordPress/ Elementor only.

The Elementor Template Website Boutique

 I’m Shalishia De’Ann an educator and a wife whose passion is to help other busy female business owners. I know what’s it’s like to have a busy life with family but knowing when you make that move you want to be able to still bring in your own income while working part time as a CEO.

Now, this Entrepreneur journey is not easy while still taking care of home.  There are so many new skills to learn. You already mastered your expertise. So, when it comes to consistently attracting leads to your website or sales page to increase your sales on autopilot it’s difficult.

Plus, you know your clients’ process isn’t running consistently, you’re manually sending out emails and responding to applicants. Your time is precious, and you didn’t decide to be an Entrepreneur  to still work 40 hrs. 

I've done the work, I'm here to save you time!

One thing about Women now a days who decides to be an Entrepeneur. Is we will figure out how to still bring in our own income while taking care of home. You know your expertise and how to deliver, but, unsure how to attract clients to your website or sales page so you can consistently have clients on autopilot.

You need systems in your backend to see results consistently. First, you should have a website that speaks to your ideal client with sales funnels that will take your leads on a journey to your website.  Also, do you have a client process. This works together with your website. When you have your CRM, ” Client Relationship Management” tool setup to manually send out your scheduler and take in applicants and respond with an email.

Stay in your Zone of GENIUS!


Lead Capture Form using a CRM system. This will capture your ideal clients on autopilot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly if you’re selling an offer you it needs to have to be on a Sales Page. You should have the link to your Sales Page on your Website. 

I build both sales pages on WordPress, Kajabi, Showit. Also, funnels will be built in  Convertkit or  Kajabi this will include your Funnel. Kajabi has membership area.

It all depends on your ideal client and how you are serving them. Let’s chat on a call. Honestly, I’m big on one page websites, if you know your ideal client you can clearly build a strategic website on a one page. If you are focusing on one service offer you need a sales page. Book a clarity call with me.

If you are a DIY person this option my be right for you. After purchasing this packet I will send you the template within 2-3 days. It comes with video telling you how to make the template your own. If you still need help purchase, ” Website Done for you”.

If you’re a DIY person, but need a professional to walk you through this option is for you. It will be a 3 week cohort for anyone who has purchase my website template. This will be a small group setting walking you through building put your website. Join the waitlist. This Cohort will start in 2023. 

Honestly if you are a service provider an Edu. Consultant or Coaches having a CRM ( Client Relationship Management System) to successfully manage your client process from inquiry, onboarding, fulfillment and offboarding. Having a CRM system will bring so much organization in your client process. This service is only available  to my current clients.


You're already walking in your purpose by starting your Business. Now Stay in your Zone of GENIUS and work with me to creating a consistent client experience and robust system on the backend of your business to authentically attract & retain clients.