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Hey Edupreneurs! Let's save you time in your business with systems that make you money while you're still in the classroom.

Streamline your client process and projects while saving you more time with SETUP TO LEVERAGE Coaching Program

Hey Edupreneurs! Let's save you time in your business with systems that make you money while you're still in the classroom.

Streamline your client process and projects while saving more time with SETUP TO LEVERAGE Coaching Program


You're quite organized when it comes to your classroom, but managing all the tasks in your business—projects, emails, sending out contracts, and invoices—has become overwhelming

But you don’t know where to start.

You’ve tried the DIY route and ended up with Google Froms and spreadsheets, resulting in being more disorganized.  Plus, it’s costing you money.  Your potential clients are waiting for days or even weeks to hear back from you. 

No, matter which one describes you, we gotcha- Hand holding included.

Unlock greater opportunities by establishing a consistent client process to guide your clients through

Free yourself from the belief that you must do everything alone. While as educators, we often strive to solve every challenge in the classroom independently, the dynamics of business require a different approach. It’s time to seek assistance with the backend of your business operations. Implementing a streamlined and consistent process will yield significant improvements for your enterprise. As an Edupreneur, I understand the temptation to build your business single-handedly, but I’ve come to realize that certain aspects necessitate outside perspectives to identify what’s truly needed.



You need to get your client processes up and running immediately, so that you can save time and have your clients served on autopilot. * Only 1 build out in Dubsado, Honeybook or a specific portion in Asana.


You’re needing to have a couple of your signature offers processes created and running to serve your clients. Plus, you need full system build out in your project management system. * 2 build outs in Dubsado, Honeybook or Asana.


Looking for help on your website or clients process  or Asana? A Wonder Hour is perfect for getting your website, or client process questions answered!


You’re ready to learn how to build your client process on autopilot before you hire a VA. So, join Setup to Leverage an 8-week program that will have your systems on point. 

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Our signature ELEVATED METHOD, tailored to deliver results for Edupreneurs seeking to have a consistent client process on the backend of their business, building trust and returning clients on autopilot.  You will be able to confident knowing that your systems are making you money even while you’re still in the classroom and presenting at schools.


Confident in our approach, we evaluate  current client processes, focusing on your current position and future goals.


We seamlessly map out your client processes according to your business goals and what best meets your client’s needs.  


Now, it’s time to choose the best platform to implement your streamlined client processes and workflows. 


Your consistent client processes are bringing in referrals and returning clients. You’re now saving more time in your business and more confident in adjusting your client processes when needed. 


With each client I have the privilege of working with, my mission is to empower them to confidently establish their own unique online presence. I achieve this by crafting brands that unapologetically represent their business and set them apart from the cookie-cutter websites of typical teacherpreneurs. Together, we create a digital presence that captivates their audience and fuels the growth of their business.

I’m Shalishia De’Ann, an Educator and Client Experience Coach +Web Desginer whose passion is to help other busy Edupreneurs  build their presence online confidently with systems. 

Now, this Edupreneur journey is not easy while still working in the classroom and taking care of home. There are so many new skills to learn in business.  You’ve already mastered your expertise. Now, consistently attracting leads to increase your sales on autopilot it’s difficult. 

Automation is the Key, to an ELEVATED Process.

One thing about Eduprenuers we will figure out how to increase our income.

I started using the skills from my classroom and created resources to sell in 2018. I realized that I needed to increase my income even more and I had more to offer. I became a Web Designer  + Client Experience Strategist for Edupreneurs in 2020. 

The first thing I had to do was niche down and focus on my audience. Then, build a STRATEGIC client experience, this resulted in returning clients and it was a game changer. Now, I help fellow Eduprenuers do the same.

Let's Get Started!