Let's Elevate Your Clients Experience in Two Weeks.

by streamlining and automating your client process while freeing time to enjoy being the CEO you are.

Let's Elevate Your Client Experience in A Weekend.

by streamlining and automating your client process while freeing time to enjoy being the CEO you are

You Should be Confident In Knowing Your Clients Experience Is Top -Tier

Does This Sound Like You?

- You are excited from all of the new leads that are coming, but you're manually sending out follow-ups and everything else after

You know you aren’t being productive with your time. This is taking way from other parts of your business.  

- Every time you onboard a client you realize it's not consistent.

You know the importance of structure or processes in your business, but when it comes to your clients process it’s just not given and you what that top -tier experience for your clients. 

-You have a CRM tool like Dubsado, but unsure how to use it correctly

You’re good at DIYing,  but realize when it comes to Dubsado there is a learning curve and it’s not in your zone of genius. 

Your Client Experience Should Be Retaining Your Clients On Auto Pilot, Without You Doing All of the Work Manually.

That's where a CRM system comes in! A CRM system helps you manage all your business contacts and tasks in one place. So, can focus on what's important. With a CRM system, you'll be able to work smarter, not harder. You'll save time and energy that you can put into other areas of your business. And best of all, you'll be able to build better relationships with your clients.

In Just A Few Days You Could...

This is the way you should feel about the systems & processes in your business.


Systems Built to Elevate

Are you Ready to Build Relationships and not be Overwhelmed with other tasks?

CRM Systems Built to Elevate VIP Week will help you build your credibility & trust with your clients. You will walk away with confidence in knowing that you will attract and retain your clients with the proper systems and processes in place to succeed. 

How does CRM or PM Systems Built to Elevate VIP Days Work?

Step 1 Explore: 90 Min Audit and Client Process Mapping

During this 90 min Zoom call I will get to know about your offers and how you currently intake your leads, onboard, book, deliver your services and offboard. This will give me a clear picture of the proper steps to take to build out your client process. * The Session will be 3 weeks before your scheduled VIP Week. This will give time for your plan to be built out and for you to complete your pre-work.

Step 2: Enforce Part 1

Next, I’ll develop your customized plan that will let you know what’s needed to build out your client process. This will make the setup and work week productive and efficient. 

Enforce Part 2: Your VIP Prep- Week Start Here

To prepare for your VIP Week complete the pre- work. Remember this work needs to be done 2 weeks before your scheduled VIP Week, this will give you time to provide digital collateral such as branding, emails, form copy, pricing, payment plan info and more.

Enforce Part 3: Your CRM VIP Week Start Here

Now, it’s time for me to set up your Dubsado. This is where the elevation begins.  I will implement your customized strategies, digital collateral, setup your workflow and automations and video training.  We will jump start the day with a 45 min call. I will communicate with you via Voxer throughout the week.

Step 4 Equip: 20 Day Support

I offer 2o day email support tech or any question via Voxer that may pop up. You will definitely have questions as you settle into your newly built system. We’ll be here to help.

Here are your options on what we could accomplish on your VIP Days:

Dubsado Client Experience

You’re ready to have a consistent client process that will serve your clients eliminate the overwhelming feeling of trying to keep up with your backend systems.

Signature Systems Built to Elevate

You’re ready to introduce your offer to the world with a sales page and funnel that will convert your visitors to buyers with ease. Plus, you need a consistent client process to serve your clients. Also, you want to get rid of all those post it notes and use a project management system.

I’m Shalishia De’Ann an educator turned entrepreneur whose passion is to help other women who are CEO’s build systems on the backend to serve their clients with an elevated client experience. We all know that your experience as a client will result in your returning or referring others. So, let our clients so the same. Also, stop wasting time not working in your zone of genius. I know trying to build out your systems has caused you to be overwhelmed. I’ve been there knowing you are walking in your purpose, by starting your business realizing there are so many parts. 

 There are so many new skills to learn. You already mastered your expertise. So, when it comes to keeping up with your clients’ projects and task this is taking so much of your time. Plus, you know your clients’ process isn’t running consistently, you are manually sending out emails and responding to applicants. Your time is precious! So, I create Dubsado VIP Days. This will get your backend of your systems for your clients together and you will be CONFIDENT in knowing that your clients process is ELEVATED.

Stay in Your Zone of Genius

Sales Page & Dubsado Inquiry Form Receipts

Systems Built to Elevate VIP Days


Pay In Full

Dubsado Setup
$ 2500

  • 90 Min Mapping Strategy Zoom Call
  • Scheduler
  • Client Portal Setup
  • Custom Canned Emails
  • Plans + Packages
  • 2 Custom Proposals for your 2 offers
  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Forms
  • 1 Service Guide / Welcome Guide
  • Video Walkthrough for your New Elevated Client Process
  • 45- Minute Support Call
  • 20 Days of Support

Payment Plan

Dubsado CRM Setup Day / Introductory Price
$ 750
x 4 Payment Last Payment is Due 1 week before your VIP Week Starts Included:
  • 90 Min Mapping Strategy Zoom Call
  • Scheduler
  • Client Portal Setup
  • Custom Canned Email
  • Plans + Packages
  • 2 Custom Proposals for your 2 offers
  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Forms
  • 1 Service Guide / Welcome Guide
  • Video Walkthrough for your New Elevated Client Process
  • 45 Minute Support Call
  • 20 Days of Support

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have your 90 min Mapping Session Zoom call and your pre-work is due 2 weeks prior to your VIP Days I will start on Saturday and have it completed ton Sunday. 

Besides your questionnaire which is you pre-work that is due weeks before your scheduled VIP Day and your Mapping Session that’s it.

 I get it life happens! So, you will be able to reschedule your VIP Day one time free.  For every other reschedule there will be a $500 fee

I build sales pages on WordPress/ Elementor, Kajabi, Showit and Squarespace for now.  Sales Funnels will be built in Kajabi and Convertkit. 

Yes, for sure! Your deposit is good for 90 days and will be transferred to a new date. I ask for 14-day notice if you need to reschedule. If you don’t provide a 14-day notice, there will be a rescheduling fee. 

We will map everything out together and I will have a training video for you to rewatch. 

Most definitely. I love working with returning clients. This will look like a half a day or full day. Just contact me and we will chat about the next steps.